First post

First post!

Sitting at a coffee shop in Chinatown where the wifi password is BUYADRINK. LOL. Talk about subliminal advertising. I love it.

I just finished my weekly class of Tai Xu taught by my uncle in Chinatown on Sunday mornings. I do it with a bunch of Chinese grandmas and despite it being very slow, Taixu is a powerful “internal” martial art. In the Chinese conception of martial arts there is a difference between “external” styles that rely on speed and power (such as muay thai) and “internal” styles which rely on sturdiness and relaxation.

Taixu was a secret style, taught only to the family of the Emperor of China. Legend has it that it was created by the inventor of Tai Chi, Cheung Sam-Fung, who invented the style about reaching an epiphany about unarmed combat after observing a fight between a snake and a crane on the Wudang mountain. It is said he invented the style as an evolution of Tai Chi: however they could just be southern Chinese bravado and myth. Regardless, the style is known for its tight, spiral motions which makes different from the more linear Tai Chi. In my opinion, the style is cross between Tai Chi and “Eight Trigrams Palm” (Baguazhang) which has a lot of around-the-back spinning movements.

So anyways, that’s what I do on Sundays.

Now, I’m gonna try to learn how to use this blog before I do the shop safety @ITP at 1pm.


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