Honest self expression and Design

The simple conceptual model is characterized by blindness, playing “by role”. Which means a lack of understanding of the true effects of your action, so that your understanding of consequences is solely mediated by what you have been told.

“Do good in school and you will get a good job.”

“Be nice to people and they will like you.”

“Property is always a good investment.”

Many good students fails to find a job.

Many nice people are liked by no one.

Many properties have no return on investment.

What is true in design is true for all things. Design in this reading relates to usable objects, but it also applies to the designing of mental models, ways of thinking.

Simple thinking are like basic bitches. Generic. Unsuited to the real situation. What Jung would call “the persona”, the compromise between the individual and the culture.

Deeper understanding is the self-driven investigation into causes and effects. Disregarding conventional wisdom as such, paying attention the truth of one’s own perceptions.

As the great illustrator Andrew Loomis said: “We can be taken in much more easily through our ears than through our eyes. Have the courage to believe in what you see, as you see it, and to draw it that way, even if Jim Jones sees things another way.”


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