Fab hwk (week 2)

Wooden tea light holders!

I was originally going to combine pcomp and fab into one but that concept ended up being too complex for the limited time I had. So I just decided to make something useful… tea light holders!

Lessons learned:

-do not prototype on your final material

-do not prototype on your final material

-“oh wait, but what if I do this–” DO NOT PROTOTYPE ON YOUR FINAL MATERIAL

-cutting good look precise holes is hard

i wanted to do something using the golden ratio and measured to have the tea light be the larger portion…

the holes were less precise than i thought with the drill press. The machine was loose and it would shift as soon as it made contact…this was my attempt at using a mirror to make cool light shapes on the wall but jt just got drowned out by the bigger light. Wish i had prototyped this on a sacrificial block…

One thought on “Fab hwk (week 2)

  1. Nice work, and I agree with you, don’t prototype with precious material.

    I’m wondering if you have more thoughts on why the drill press didn’t give you the results you were after? Do you think it was something in the setup? Machine error? Operator error?

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