Fab week 3

At first, I was planning on doing a somewhat complex art piece for a friend…. BUT THEN I got off the plane (was in Canada for a friend’s wedding this weekend) and went straight to ITP and realized I didn’t have time for any of that — esp since I had never used Ai or laser cut anything — ever. So I settled for just cutting something I found on Thingaverse!

I cut it on cardboard and it was good to go through the work flow of actually cutting something. I started at speed 70% power 50% and it did not cut through the second layer of cardboard. Also the protrusion from the top of the cardboard caught on the laser arm and shifted the whole thing, so I couldn’t go over it again.

A new (cleaner) piece of cardboard and 3 passes later (my last setting was 33% speed and 90% power) the thing was finally cut!

The cut piece itself was find. I mean, it was expected. But what was unexpected was all these cool leftover pieces. They kind of looked like arabic script. So I decide to do some kind of collage piece with them! Felt good to do some art-art again.

Kind of arabic-script looking eh? I like it. This open possibilities for collage. 

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