Thoughts on NYCMediaLab17

The environment was completely inappropriate to view art. My light installation was by the door, nearly knocked over by people, where a viewer could not get a clear view without others walking by. (See below)

I felt it was below the dignity of my art and in a silent hissy fit, i unplugged it. But then I decided not be such a easily hurt buttercup and sucked it up and just rolled with a suboptimal situation.

That said, my Lessons learned:

-tradeshows are not art galleries!

-be very clear about the showing space! Get pics or do a site visit!

-dont bring a meditative art piece to a busy art show

-that said, i still got the point across and people were exposed, so no harm done.

Overall it was great to see tech from a corporate/startup angle. Very diff from art/maker culture. Similar but different.

Like priests vs mytics.

I felt the corporate yes-yes-great! cukture at work. I can see how an echo chamber develops.

There was a lot of buzzwords, superficial elucidation and glossing over negatives.

Overall great event, very eye opening.

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