Fab hwk (enclosures)

So my objective this week was to mix school with professional projects and make the prototype for a light board I am building for a seller. I start by making the LED matrix and I procured acrylic panels with powder coating. The acrylic is 1/2 inch thick and my primary task was to find out how far the standoff distance between the board and acrylic should be. I found it differed depending on the sample (I had several boards), and but for the one I was using (Material: Chroma 1/2″, Finish: Vellum F04, Style: Glacier D05) the optimal distance was approx 1/2”.

Thanks for the standoffs, Ben. I went to Ace after Applications and got appropriate sized 3/4” 4-40 screws. Then all I had to do was drill the holes! Easy, right? I didn’t know how exactly to plot the holes except to use the right angle of the ruler and plot a point at the end. 

I used the drill press but somehow despite my best efforts, the holes did not line up because I first drilled the MDF, THEN I drilled the acrylic. In hindsight, I would have ensured they all lined up by drilling them together. 

Thus, three holes aligned and one was very un-aligned. 

I replaced the screw anyway for esthetic purposes. But as you can see, they’re a little crooked. Next time I will fix a jig to ensure both pieces don’t move and are tot when I drill them. Lesson learned. That said, for prototyping purposes it will be fine. 

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