Fab hwk (enclosures)

So my objective this week was to mix school with professional projects and make the prototype for a light board I am building for a seller. I start by making the LED matrix and I procured acrylic panels with powder coating. The acrylic is 1/2 inch thick and my primary task was to find out how far the standoff distance between the board and acrylic should be. I found it differed depending on the sample (I had several boards), and but for the one I was using (Material: Chroma 1/2″, Finish: Vellum F04, Style: Glacier D05) the optimal distance was approx 1/2”.

Thanks for the standoffs, Ben. I went to Ace after Applications and got appropriate sized 3/4” 4-40 screws. Then all I had to do was drill the holes! Easy, right? I didn’t know how exactly to plot the holes except to use the right angle of the ruler and plot a point at the end. 

I used the drill press but somehow despite my best efforts, the holes did not line up because I first drilled the MDF, THEN I drilled the acrylic. In hindsight, I would have ensured they all lined up by drilling them together. 

Thus, three holes aligned and one was very un-aligned. 

I replaced the screw anyway for esthetic purposes. But as you can see, they’re a little crooked. Next time I will fix a jig to ensure both pieces don’t move and are tot when I drill them. Lesson learned. That said, for prototyping purposes it will be fine. 

2 thoughts on “Fab hwk (enclosures)

  1. Nice work. Lining up drilled holes can be tough, but there are techniques you can use to get better results.

    If you placed the acrylic over the wood, clamped it to the drill press, drilled one hole through both layers, then put a screw through the hole, then drilled another hole though both layers, put a screw through that one, drill another, another screw, and finally drill another hole, the two layers will not move on you and your holes will line up. Let me know if this is not clear.

    In your enclosure, where will the Arduino be placed? On the back?

  2. I’m using an arduino now, but I will use the teensy to save room. I will house it inside the enclosure or maybe at the back. Not sure yet.

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