Fabrication Final (Mounting Motors)

I had recently bought a bunch of micro servos just for the hell of it, and it all constellated into a master plan for a PComp final (as well as further research on my light art) so I decided to utilize my final Fab assignment toward this end. 

The idea involves making a shadow box with servos in the middle that will control something like a set of blinds. First I need to cut holes for all the servos. This was my first experience working with MDF. Cutting neat square holes proved more challenging than I thought. I used the drill press to punch a hole, then the scroll saw to clean it up. And then the filer to clean it up further.

Cut em’ all out! Less neat that I originally thought. Maybe next time I’ll laser it. Wonder if MDF lasers well?

The intention was to have the least amount of daylight between the servo arms. To this end I think I succeeded. 

This is how it will look like. At the bottom of the box will be the LED matrix that I previously made.

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