Fab: two materials

Ben: for my make-up fab two materials assignment I decided to built upon my idea for the tea light holders I built for the “build 5 of something” assignment. Here at my tea lights on my wall, attached by velcro. The stark light/dark angled lines are something I did not expect.

I decided to make something to complement the existing light patterns. I looked at my materials and still had the original material I used for the tea-light holders, as well as some mirrors I bought for original use in that project. (I had previously wanted to explore reflection, but couldn’t make it work). I decided to revisit this idea by having something that would re-direct the candle light downwards using mirrors thought a piece of wood that could be affixed to the wall in the same fashion as my tea light holders.

Two pieces of wood would have 10 pieces of mirror each. They would be on different angles facing the wall. One piece would feature a 40 degree angle, and the other would be less step, perhaps 20 degrees). However it would not be a straight cut because I wanted the sides to be untouched to retain structural integrity while hanging off the wall. (If I had make a straight cut the velcro would give to its weight).

I used the bandsaw to cut into the piece. It was difficult to cut a 40 degree angle while leaving the sides untouched. I did this in chunks and segments to make removing material easier.

The second piece was not so easy and in the end, I had to use a variety of materials, including a chisel, to try and remove material.

In the end the second piece was a little mashed up, but I figure given it would not be exposed to view (since it’s where the mirrors would sit), it would be OK and would even add to the element of randomness.

This is how it looks on my walls. The 40 degree angle one is on the top right. The 20 degree angle mirror reflector reflects on a greater distance, while the 40 degree one casts more of a concentrated reflection.

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