ICM Final (Concept – Nov 8)

I got my idea for the final from a conversation with Dano, about the power of recombinatory media. Ones and zeroes make the binary code. Movable type led to Gutenburg’s revolution. So far, film has not yet been combinable in the traditional sense — my ICM final is an attempt to address this challenge.

For the final, I will be using P5.JS to bring to life theories contained in Joseph Campbell’s famous book The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

The Hero’s Journey in modern film:

The idea:

  • video part project consisting of youtube video clips of movies
  • clips separated based on what part of the Hero’s journey they are at (Separation, Initiation, Return)
  • sound to be movie music with the same structure built into it
  • Video and Audio selected at random to play in an infinite loop. Movies will have no audio and their corresponding “natural” soundtracks will not play a roll.
  • The hope is to create a piece that makes sense within the Hero’s Journey narrative structure, even if none of the component parts make sense on their own.

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