Plan, Goal, Vision, Dream


[immediate] PLAN (2-3 week timeframe): 

  • to build next light investigation tool (following the findings of my Pcomp final)
  • to experiment with this tool and then… wait for further instruction

GOAL (for project development studio – 3 month timeframe):

  • to continue my investigation into image creation with light using concepts developed during PComp and before ITP.
  • to have three or four good works to approach galleries by the end of the PDS
  • to have a better understanding of light’s properties through investigating it
  • to advance my understanding of of light as an artistic medium

VISION (1 timeframe): 

  • make 2018 my first run at galleries in the spring-time
  • make mistakes and errors and adjust my approaches in 2019 and 2020. (2020 is my final year I can be in NYC under my current international student visa).
  • make a name for myself with my light works
  • to make works and breakthroughs that surprise even me
  • to ride the current wave I am riding until its very end

DREAM (3-8 year timeframe):

  • to wake up every day and do what I want to do
  • to successfully transitions to a career as a artist.
  • to remain true to my vision without being a fool
  • to benefit humanity in some way
  • to position myself to be able to start a family

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