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Assignment (individuals): Decide which of the elements we’ve listed so far (driving forces, current conditions, predetermined elements, trends, uncertainties) is of most interest to you in answering our question and collect as much data as you can around this topic to support in-depth research. Define what you know about the topic and how you know it. Summarize it in a succinct and accessible way to convince the class that it bears further investigation.

[See jumbled notes below]


  • Modernity, post-modernity, meta-modernity: the philosophical underbelly of the technological and information age.
  • Nihilism, Ideological Possession, De-humanization, Polarization vs Wholeness, Unity,
  • Nihalism IS polarization, as nihilism’s other half is ideological possession, they occur in pairs. The only cure is the center: the truth of the individual heart expressed in the outer world.

Evidence of neurosis manifested in desperate violence

How is collective neurosis/nihilism manifested empirically?

-mass shootings, suicides, addictions:

Possible Questions

Question: in the context of the 20th Century history of modernism and post-modernism how is the current age (meta-modernism, let’s call it for now) and how will it affect the collective human psyche?

Question: If television is a medium that favoured totalitarian/authoritarian system of governments, then certain technologies are predisposed to aid certain ideological constructs better than others. Does emerging technologies that will dominate the 21st century help or hinder any system of political/socio/spiritual thought? i.e. What is the implication of  youtube on the collective human psyche? i.e. diversity in YouTube programming: Logan Paul versus Jordan Peterson, is this the same as diversity in TV programming? Fox News vs PBS?

Question: modernism to post-modernism then to what?





Question: what is the ideological map of our current age and how did it map to outdated, existing and emerging technologies?

Question: Modernism, Postmodernism and then what? Hypermodernism, Meta-modernism and examining the current state of what we are in, and what informs the ideological sub-structure of the emergence of humanity-changing technology (including GAFA companies and other large counterparts in China and other leading tech countries).

Question: what is the relation between dominant ideologies of the day and the technologies of the time. Does technology inform ideology or do ideologies inform technology? (Probably a bit of both). Television, for instance, was described as the best tool for totalitarian and authoritarian governments because of it’s one-way nature. What kind of ideology informs our current exponentially developing 21st century technology and vice versa?

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