XYZ final project idea


For our final, Shreiya, Chengtao and I have decided to build a “dodge stick” game, where the objective of the game is to avoid a slow moving but relentless stick aimed at touching you. The inspiration for this came from the movement practice of Ido Portal, who famously trained UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

The X and Y of contraption will be approx. 6×6 feet in width and length. The part of it that interacts with the player will be a foam noodle that extends down from a cardboard Z that will be moved up and down by a threaded rod inside. For the safety of the player, we will ensure that no metal parts will come into contact with them. As for control, we are envisioning some kind of controller device that a Player 2 can use to guide the stick and try to touch the Player 1 who is inside the game.

See rough sketch below:

Issues to be resolved include:

-the stick portion will need to change levels AS WELL AS rotate. So it will be XYZR (R for rotation, and Z for level change). How will we make a system that allows for rotation and level changes?

-what material will we use for the gantry? None of us have much money — we are not going to shell our hundreds of $$$ for an XYZ final. How do we achieve our ends in an affordable way?


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