XYZ / April 4 Update

On March 31, the team met, and we experimented with the XY plotter.

This is what we discovered:

  • the XY area covered by the XY plotter is sufficient for our purposes. What is more critical is the size of the foam noodle we will be using. The XY plotter is 2 ft the foam noodle is 2ft – already that’s 4 feet radius of movement which exceeds our play area of 6ft by 6ft.
  • we hung the Makeblock Plotter with string by the ceiling and this arrangement insufficient because the weight of the plotter changes as the head moves. We will need to attach it directly on to the metal structure on the ceiling. We will email Rob to canvas for the space.
  • We determined the kind of part we will need to connect the Markblock (using the holes in the metal) to the ceiling’s metal hanging system. Tony will make a suitable block that will ensure a strong attachment.
  • We have determined it is important for the purposes of interaction that the robot have a district rotary and level-changing abilities. We flirted with the idea of just having a rotation because it would be easier, but we felt it would be compromising too much. Also, we would exclude children from the interaction if level changes were not possible. Shieya and I are coming up with ideas for a rotary/level-change system.
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