Energy Final / Chakra Lights

For my energy final, I will build a little buddha statue out of concrete with acrylic rods and LEDS embedded in it. The statue will have a flexible solar panel embedded in its back and will have 7 lights (corresponding to the 7 chakras) inside it. It will gather light during the day (from its backside) and project them through its chakra lights on its front by night. This design was inspired by the concrete & light work of Amitabh Shrivastava.
The sculpture will be an energy sufficient art object meant to be placed with its backside toward the sunlight. It is designed for the top floor of my house, which receives a good amount of indirect sunlight during the daytime. I will house it at ITP’s east window, where our group housed our midterm solar project.
7 neopixel LED pixels
1 Arducam PRO Mini Atmega328 Development Board
  • For 7 neopixel, estimated at 20mA/pixel at normal usage x 7 pixels = 150mA. At full brightness this is 60mA x 7 pixels = 420mA
    • Watts = Amps x Volts
      • at 60mA estimated draw: 0.43A x 5v = 2.15W for the lights
      • at 20mA estimated draw: 0.15A x 5v = 0.75W
  • For Pro Mini: 4mA minimum requirement (from
    • Watts = 0.004A x 5V = .02W
  • TOTAL POWER BUDGET: For 20mA calculation per LED, total is 0.02W (for pro mini) + 0.75W (for 7 neopixels) = 0.77W
  • TOTAL POWER BUDGET: For 60mA calculation per LED, total is 0.02W + 2.15W = 2.17W total load
6V 1W Panel (to order)
3.7 W 1200mAh Battery (I already have this):
5V Charging battery board (to order)

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