Understanding Networks: Packet Analysis Assignment

Packet Analysis Assignment

My house Wi-Fi  has the internet IP address of I learned that there was a public vs private IP addresses and that the 192.X.X.X range was reserved for private use.

This afternoon on Wireshark, I ran a short 64 second trace that captured 4049 packets. I based this analysis on that trace.

How much of your network traffic is inbound? 

the filter ip.dst== yielded: 2502/4049 packets (61% of traffic inbound)

How much is outbound?

the filter ip.src== yielded: 1466/4049 packets (36% of traffic outbound)

What portion of it is HTTP traffic? 

I learned that HTTP traffic is found using TCP filter port 80. I did not find any packets were HTTP.

How many devices are active on your network? 

If all the devices connected to my wifi network are 192.168.X.X then simply all devices are different devices using that wifi. I also learned these addresses are called IPv4 addresses. that’s me

What are their relative levels of activities? 

it was mostly my address and the router address that was active (out of the 192.168.X.X addresses) since I was the only on home at the time. Other roommate was home too, but not sure how active they were. I am unsure why my traffic show up as my IPv4 if everything to the internet went through the router anyway?

What sites are the most common sources and destinations for your traffic? 

The most common destinations from my router are GQUIC to “Payload (Encrypted)” or TCP to “50XXX [ACK]”

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