Understanding Networks: RESTful interface

Roxanne and I decided to specify a concept for the RESTful interfaces assignment.

I am still unsure about the concept of a RESTful interfact, and how it differs from how the internet usually works. It would help to get an example of a non-RESTful interface on the internet. But it seems like RESTful describes how we usually interact with the internet. For example, I go on YouTube, I type in “flock of seagulls” in the search bar, and the website returns a representation of their stock of resources corresponding to flock of seagulls. I then select the video I want, and YouTube provides me with that resource. To my knowledge, this is how all websites work. Is this is RESTful?

Our concept:

  • a website-controlled 50-pixel LED strip, where each user will be able to see what color the current strip is and what pattern is being run on it.
  • The user will be able to select their own color, and select one of three patterns on it (the patterns based on fastLED and Neopixel demo-reel default patterns).
  • The interface will be based on the last user’s commands, so if you change the color/pattern of light, it can be changed the moment after you submit it. (This will be one of the challenges to the interface, how to handle competing user commands).



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